Liquid cans

Liquid cans
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The rectangular liquid cans are indicated by content size and dimensions (L x B x H). The various content sizes are available in various dimensions. From 2 litres the tin cans are provided with a lifting ring. Next to the filling apertures with diameters 24, 32, 42 and 57 mm we offer  DIN, ECO and REL versions of these filling apertures in mentioned diameters.
REL closure: is increasingly used. This filling aperture has a projecting rim (contrary to the DIN opening) which improves pouring from the opening. In additional advantage is that the lid is no longer pressed directly into the flat top, but pushed over a rim, so that incorrect placement does not immediately damage the flat top.

The round liquid cans are available in various cap versions. Spherical caps (with a slight curve) stimulate pouring. Cans with a flat cap are very suitable for packing sticky products such as glues. From 2,5 litres the cans are provided with a lifting ring. The filling aperture is moved to the can’s side (eccentric hole).

As the liquid cans with a flat cap have the same dimensions as the cylindrical cans with lid things like label sizes, cartons and shelf settings don’t have to adapted.

We offer a wide arrangement of plastic closures for all filling aperture versions. For more information concerning the filling apertures and closures, we refer to the section “Plastic closures”.

Besides rectangular cans with filling aperture – with various plastic closures – we also offer a wide range of tins cans with a completely metal screw tap. The screw tap has been soldered on top of these cans and can easily be closed with the supplied metal closure (optionally with metal handle).

The cans can be provided with extra seal through a plastic or metal plug with thin flange. They are extremely suitable for lab (samples) use and for very aggressive storage items which might harm the plastic closures. Especially for labs we also offer versions with a LEADFREE certificate. Please contact us if this certificate is important for you. We would love to give you more information.


volumedimensionspierced hole sizehandleapprovalamount on palletamount on europalletnumber in box
250 ml70 x 35 x 12724 mmneeUN2728264 More info
500 ml96 x 42 x 15424 mmneeUN1456138 More info
1 ltr114 x 58 x 18632 mmneeUN Y1.2108072 More info
1 ltr114 x 58 x 18638 mm metall screwjaUN Y 1.284024 More info
1.2 ltr106 x 76 x 17032 mmneeUN Y1.2840 More info
2.5 ltr166 x 103 x 17142 mmjaUN Y 1.248033 More info
5 ltr164 x 125 x 30042 mmjaUN Y 20016814 More info
5 ltr166 x 103 x 32842 mmjaUN Y 1.224017 More info
5 ltr159 x 120 x 28842 mmjaUN Y 1.2216 More info
5 ltr175 x 108 x 29238 mm metall screwjaUN Y 1.228010 More info
10 ltr231 x 151 x 33842 mmjaUN Y 14075 More info
20 ltr292 x 258 x 35057 mmjaUN Y 11036
25 ltr292 x 258 x 39557 mmjaUN Y 11060 More info
100ml56 x 7024 mmnee300 More info
250 ml73 x 7624 mmplat2520325 More info
500 ml73 x 14032 mmdometoprid adr More info
500 ml99 x 9042 mmdometopUN1260 More info
1 ltr108 x 13242 mmplat640128 More info
1 ltr99 x 14942 mmdometopUN693 More info