Conical cans

Conical cans
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Conical cans don’t have an inner ring and therefore enable you to pile up the empty cans and save precious storage space and transport volume. Thanks to the missing ring the conical cans can be emptied optimally; empty cans can, in almost all cases, be transported within the normal waste stream.

Thanks to the conical model with beaded edge a very solid sub can is created which can resist heavy loads caused by for example shakers and mixers. Conical cans can be closed manually by means of a lid and stretching ring, in some cases clip lids are also available which must be placed by means of a pneumatic sealer.

The package weight is determined by the used lid + stretching ring combination or clip lid. Below survey shows the heaviest selections.


volumedimensionslid typeshandledimensions
2500 ml160/146 x 160deksel + spanring / klembandjaUN Y1.2
4000 ml180/165 x 194deksel + spanring / klembandjaUN Y1.2 More info
5000 ml180/165 x 235deksel + spanring / klembandjaUN Y1.2 More info
7000ml230/217 x 206deksel + spanringjaUN Y 100 More info
10000 ml230/217 x 285deksel + spanringjaUN Y 100 More info
12500 ml230/217 x 322deksel + spanringjaUN Y 100 More info
2500 ml169/153 x 160CPRjaUN Y100
3000 ml169/153 x 190CPRjaUN Y 100 More info
4000 ml200/182 x 177CPRjaUN Z100 More info
5000 ml200/182 x 218CPRjaUN Z100 More info
6000 ml200/182 x 249CPRjaUN Z100 More info