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The spray cans can be used for various product groups. The cans are processed on specialized filling stations and can therefore be used directly. Please contact us for additional information, fillers or the various valve- and spray systems. Since there are various versions, we are unfortunately not able to deliver them directly.

Thanks to their solid model, aerosol packagings are very suitable to be used as round liquid tinplate container. For this, we offer a standard collection closures (round with screw tap/child-proof and fliptop) which can be clicked on the can directly. A special filling station is not required.

Aerosol cans can be printed: Offset dependent on body size from 15.000 – 42.000 pieces. The cans with diameter 65 and 65/60 can also be printed digitally. In case of digital printing an own design can already be printed from 1 pallet unit.



volumedimensionsCapacite totaleamount on palletamount on europalletexport pallet
100 ml45/41 x 96140 ml6000 More info
150 ml45/41 x 140210 ml4000 More info
200 ml45/41 x 178270 ml3000 More info
200 ml49/45 x 151270 ml3312 More info
250 ml49/45 x 185335 ml2484 More info
150 ml52/48 x 105210 ml4026 More info
200 ml52/48 x 132270 ml3294 More info
250 ml52/48 x 161335 ml2562 More info
300 ml52/48 x 195405 ml2760 More info
300 ml57/52 x 164405 ml2280 More info
400 ml57/52 x 207520 ml1900 More info
450 ml57/52 x 234590 ml1520 More info
500 ml57/52 x 257650 ml1520 More info
400 ml65/60 x 157520 ml2280 More info
500 ml65/60 x 195650 ml1900 More info
600 ml65/60 x 240800 ml1520 More info
750 ml65/60 x 3001000 ml1140 More info
300 ml65 x 122405 ml2520 More info
400 ml65 x 157520 ml2160 More info
500 ml65 x 195650 ml1800 More info
600 ml65 x 240800 ml1440 More info
800 ml65 x 3001000 ml1140