Closures REL-42

Closures REL-42

Suitable for REL filling aperture 42 mm

Screw taps with ergonomic top cap are CSEF certified. As there is no difference between normal and child-proof closures, only 1 closing head is required for the automatic processing of both versions. These screw taps are available with aluminium seal on the inside of the bottom cap and therefore guarantee a 100% vapour-tight closure of your storage items.

Pull-up spouts or flex spouts completely disappear in the cap. During opening, you will pull out the flexible spout and the product can be poured. Pull-up spouts of type PA have strips on the inside enabling a more controlled and steady pouring.
New: pull-up spout with external alu-seal. This model can be opened easier thanks to its improved shape and avoids evaporation of our product. In this way, many problems can be avoided, especially for export- and container transport.


42VUP 43/11standaard1450 More info
VUP 43/11 CRmet kinderveilige dop1450 More info
VUP 43/11 CR ALUmet kinderveilige dop en aluminiumseal1450 More info
42P2standaard1400 More info
P2 CLflexspout crosslinked1400 More info
P2 CL PAklokvrij schenken1400 More info
P2 CL CRflexspout crosslinked met kinderveilige dop1400 More info
P2 met uitwendig alusealmet uitwendig aluseal afbeelding