Conical pails and hobbocks

Conical pails and hobbocks
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Our assortment of conical pails is mainly determined by diameter 286 mm; various height versions are available within this diameter. A main advantage of this fixed diameter is, of course, that all measure of capacities with identical lid versions can be closed. Worldwide, diameter 286 mm is the most common diameter, many standard devices like shakers, mixers and pressing plates have been adapted to this diameter.

Packagings are, again, determined by the used lid (sub can remains identical for all versions). The conical pails can be closed by means of:
1. Loose lids with stretching ring in UN or RID/ADR version
2. Lip cover in UN or RID/ADR version
3. Unotop closures in UN version

The lip cover can be placed by means of a manual closing head or pneumatic closing head.. Stretching ring or tape is not required. The Unotop closure can only be closed mechanically, which makes it relatively easy to open it, in contrast with the lip cover.

Besides the well-known white/white designs we also deliver various pails and hobbocks with an internal coating or coloured body. Of course you can have your pails and hobbocks printed, just like all our other packagings.

Hobbocks were originally developed as packaging for masonry paints. They deviate from the pails in a couple of ways. The main differences are a wider diameter and a lower height (for block brush and roller). In general, a smaller can type can be used for the body. Because of this the can is not provided with a handle, but with two lifting rings. The conical hobbocks are completely packed with lid and stretching ring (UN or RID/ADR approved).


volumedimensionslid typeshandleapproval
13,2 liter - 27 liter286/269x237 - 286/269x466lippendekseljaRID/ADR More info
13,2 liter - 27 liter286/269x237 - 286/269x466lippendekseljaUN More info
13,2 liter - 27 liter286/269x237 - 286/269x466lippendeksel met sluitingjaUN More info
13,2 liter - 27 liter286/269x237 - 286/269x466deksel en spanringjaRID/ADR More info
13,2 liter - 27 liter286/269x237 - 286/269x466deksel en spanringjaUN More info
13,2 liter - 27 liter286/269x237 - 286/269x466deksel en spanring met sluitingjaUN More info
20 liter328/312x285deksel en spanringjaUN More info
30 liter328/312x390deksel en spanringjaUN More info