Cylindrical cans

Cylindrical cans
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The most common lid on our cylindrical cans are the RL or TT type of lids. These lids have, just like the rings in the cans, a rounded edge without sharp parts and are therefore suitable for a large number of storage items. They can also be provided with an internal coating.

Both versions have their own advantages and characteristics:
RL – Has a narrow ring in the can and can be filled and emptied easier. A RL lid, however, closes a bit more difficult.
TT – Has a wider ring in the can and can therefore be opened easier and is therefore suitable for multiple closing. You must, however, turn the can once after filling to ensure an optimal sealing.
RL and TT are not the only lid types. For a number of specific cans or product groups, we also deliver the classic ES (English closure) lid or cans with Patendeckel or BRE closure. Besides we can also deliver adhesive lids or lids with ventilation valves.


volumedimensionsRL lidTT lidAlt. Lidwire handleamount on palletamount on europalletnumber in box
125 ml60 x 62 mmjanee61444403384 More info
250 ml73 x 76 mmjajanee65002520325 More info
500 ml86 x 102 mmjaja1800150 More info
500 ml99 x 90 mmjajanee25601045160 More info
750 ml99 x 119 mmjajajanee2304855128 More info
1000 ml108 x 132 mmjajajanee2048640128 More info
1200 ml108 x 145 mmneejanee62445 More info
2500 ml153 x 157 mmjajaja23116 More info
2500 ml165 x 157 mmneejaja/nee210 More info
3875 ml165 x 195 mmneejaja/nee15012 More info
4000 ml180 x 190 mlneejaja120 More info
5000 ml180 x 222 mmneejaja12512 More info