Food cans

Food cans
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Our food cans are ideal for the packaging of foodstuffs. Tinplate is air-tight and light-tight, providing optimal protection for your product against external factors and extending shelf life. These tins are suitable for sterilisation and are FDA approved when internally lacquered. The tin can be necked at the base to facilitate stacking, making these containers ideal for transport from factory to the consumer.

Food tins are used in many markets, in particular to conserve vegetables, meat, soups and fruit. Packaging in tins is also ideal for dry products like powdered milk, coffee, sports drinks, seeds, snacks and confectionary, with the possibility of offset printing on the outside delivering exceptional market appeal. The body of the tin can be produced in smooth or rippled formats, while lids are available flat or ridged, in aluminium or steel easy opening styles as well as PAL or Easy Peel designs.

The variety of formats makes these cans suitable for packaging gift items, as an attractively printed container is a long-lasting gift in itself.

We can supply cans directly from stock, so delivery times are short and you can order only what you need, and we can also repackage cans for you, adding flexibility. With certain products it is useful to be able to reseal the can, and we can supply snapcaps, plastic closures which fit the diameter of the filled can. We can also assist you in finding, maintaining and adjusting the correct sealing machines and sourcing spare parts.